Monday, September 19, 2016

Mandala play

I bought this wonderful crochet book a while ago: Mandalas to crochet by Haafner Linssen. Yesterday I decided to give one of the most simple patterns a go. I choose the granny cluster mandala and some Tilda yarn in blue and red shades. It was pure joy to make. A granny cluster mandala might look simple to make but to get it flat, I think following a pattern is essential.

Haafner has included diagrams in her book for all patterns. The written instructions are short and easy to read. As a graphic designer, I really love the layout of the book. It is clear, photos are light and sharp, it is functional and easy to read. Pure pleasure to flick through. Well done Haafner. She also has the most wonderful Instagram feed @byhaafner, pop over to see for yourself.

It rained all day yesterday and the temperature dropped quite a lot. I bundled up in knitted sweaters, Nordic Wrist Warmers and sat outside crocheting. My tea got cold too quickly, but I stayed outside for quite sometime, inspired by my mandala. I decided to made another mandala but in a different color order. The idea is to crochet them together over a pot coaster in cork. I'll show you when it is done.

Someone on Instagram commented that the colors matches the colors in my Autumn Poncho I'm making - true. The colors also matches my Nordic Wrist Warmers and many other things in my wardrobe... I think I have a weak spot for the blue and red. It speaks Scandinavian to me. Maybe that is why. I feel at home with blue and red shades. Jeans. Gingham red. It couldn't become more Scandinavian to me. :)

You can find a sweet little Scandinavian Yarn Pack with 30% off listed in my Etsy Shop if you would like to give these colors a go. I can make the Scandinavian Yarn Pack bigger if you want. Just send me a note and I'll make you a customized order. I think these colors would make a lovely little Isak's Blanket (see this post). Pattern will be released any day now.

Stay tuned. There is more to come. I'm thinking of clearing out my studio. Make a big DESTASH SALE. Fabric, trims, yarn and more. One has to restart sometimes. It feels like it is time for me to start real fresh. Out with the old and in with something new. Don't you agree that we need a little bit of that sometimes?

Happy Monday all. May your week be filled with joyful crochet!


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Friday, September 16, 2016

Lets celebrate the rainbow!

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Yesterday it rained here for the first time in weeks, and the most fabulous rainbow was created.  Inspired by this natural phenomenon, I started to play around with a basket full of Tilda yarn. Someone wanted 1 ball of each color so the easiest way for me to collect them was to actually put them in a laundry basket. :)

Playing with yarn is probably one of my most favorite games. I can sit for hours. Move them around. Watching the dynamic change depending on the colors... It is quite fascinating. And putting together a range of rainbow colors is ALWAYS a delight.

Lets celebrate the rainbow!!! 

To inspire you with the fantastic range of colors that Tilda offers, I have put together a couple of Rainbow Yarn Packs:

Rainbow Yarn Pack LARGE includes 28 fabulous Tilda colors

Rainbow Yarn Pack SMALL includes 15 colors of the rainbow


You can purchase my Rainbow Yarn Packs here:
- From me directly, just drop me an email or comment below with contact details
- Purchase through my Etsy shop

I only have a few of each left so be quick if you want one. 

My Tilda Yarn Sale continues with 30% off ALL colors of my Tilda yarn. Many of you have written me officially or in private, wondering why I'm closing up shop. Well, it is time. Being a small yarn seller is hard work. I can not compete with the bigger brands. It is a tough yarn world out there. Still, I love to put together your orders and inspire you with color combinations. The main reason is lack of time. I recently signed up for a new job and find it hard to juggle it all. So, maybe I'll tell you more about my experience of being a small yarn dealer some day. THANK YOU all for your concern, sweet words, encouragement and for just being there. You rock my world!

Happy rainbow end of the week. We all need a heap full of colors in our lives on a regular basis, don't we?


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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Another baby blanket for Isak

Before summer I finished this baby blanket. I call it Isak's Blanket as it was gifted to my nephew Isak in Sweden. It was a rather soothing and quick project, inspired by the colors in a Dala horse and made from my divine Tilda Yarn.

I love making meditative rows of stripes in crochet. This time I went for wide blocks of color instead of thin stripes. They are divided into solid and lace stitches. It was a really satisfying TV watching listening (!!!) project. I even made a matching bunting to go with Isak's Blanket from the left over yarn I had. I love how it all turned out and think it makes a perfect little New Baby Gift Set.

I can imagine this blanket in joyful candy colors or classy naturals like beige, grey and white. Or why not autumn colors, now when fall will sneak up on us after this hot late summer. Dark green, purple, petrol blue and brown. With accents of okra and turquoise... 

Isak's Blanket and Isak's Bunting are in the process of becoming written patterns. I hope to release it soon, between shipping yarn orders from my big Yarn Sale. Don't forget to stock up on Tilda yarn before it is all gone. See my Yarn Shop page for full color chart and shipping information. I ship worldwide. Welcome!


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