Friday, July 18, 2014

Crochet pondering outside

It is overcast. But that doesn't stop me from dragging all my cozy stuff outside to have some crochet time in my garden. The wind is making the laundry dance and the bees are buzzing in my flower beds. I play, without any project in mind. I look at all those swatches of crochet that are lying around having no purpose. I'm longing for a larger project again. Maybe another blanket. Maybe solid squares in variations of lace patterns. Maybe a thicker yarn. Wool. Soft wool. Big hook. Maybe a rag rug! Or a doily... Or a few new pot holders for the summer house?

I'm a sucker for lace for the moment. A new thrifted lace curtain is hung in my shed window. The window is broken and desperately need some new glass... And paint... Another day. Not now. No now it is time for a cup of tea and hooky time before the rain starts dripping from above.


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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Our new garden

The garden before.

The garden after.

It was hard work. Jay, like the incredible man he is, put is head down and got to work after Easter. The garden project had simmered in his head all winter and it was now or never even if it was the most busy time around at work.

He did all the hard labor of moving stones, digging soil, cutting and building boxes. He measured to perfection, leveled the ground, moved the soil. Not just once but multiple times. And 5 weeks later after spending every free moment resulting in hours outside in the garden, he planted seeds and baby plants as it already was late May. And me? I guess I was a cheerleader. Cheering him on in rain and sunshine, overcast and chilly winds. Making sandwiches and admiring his determination.

He is like that my man. He puts his mind to something and the commitment to finish his project is the only thing on his mind. We are very different like that, as you know I tend to start with burning desire and quickly drop out on a project as I easily let myself get distracted by something new to try out.  So my projects tend to be half done around the house. Jay's project are finished. I am so happy that the garden is finished. It looks incredible and all our neighbors have been sneaking around peeking over our fence in admiration. Yes, he did a good job my man.

The plants are finally thriving after somewhat a little rough start. The flowers are in full bloom attracting butterflies and the neighbors bees. We pick our own veggies for dinner and I can't wait for the green beans and beets to get ready... Tonight I'll make a big salad with chicken skewers on the grill.  And maybe I throw some Haloumi cheese on the grill as well. Yum!


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Saturday, July 12, 2014

How To Repair A Granny Square Blanket Tutorial

It is as good as new! I saved my Gypsy Granny Square Crochet Blanket. You can read about it here, how I discovered a tragic hole in my dear granny square blanket. After reading all your tips and advice, this is how I fixed it. Thank you so much for all your help and I am hoping this tutorial will help someone else as well one day.  From now on I feel more confident that crochet blankets can last for a life time. The pattern for the Gypsy Blanket can be purchased here.

So pleased to have pro-longed the life of my blanket. It was a minor surgery. Took not more than 10 minutes... It has recovered well and is now gently cared for, back resting on my sofa and allowing us to cuddle up underneath.


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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Moving on with an empty house, rain and silence...

Clogging around in my new Greengate clogs. They are not so comfy yet but they are very pretty. :)
Coffee outside whenever it clears up for a moment.

Thrifted cross stitch embroidered table cloth.
Round Shell Stitch pillow in Tilda yarn no 541, Chalk pink. Pattern from the book Haken & Kleur.

Well, I hate the Donate Button i my sidebar. It is ugly. Just plain ugly. And it doesn't belong there. It felt like an ugly painting in the hallway and I just had to take it away. It has been an interesting bunch of comments to read on the topic Blog Donations... I am surprised not more people got fired up and joined in the discussion though. Hmmm. However. I have decided to keep my donate buttons on my tutorial pages for a while just to see how I feel with it. The last thing I want is to make anyone feel uncomfortable and a certainly want to feel comfortable myself as well.

My Rose Valley is a place for anyone to pop in at any time without pressure. The Donate button is not me begging in a corner on the street, it is just a possibility for the one who really feel like making a contribution to my blog. I won't judge anyone, I just love you all and the greatest reward is the interaction I have with you through my comment field, no donation can replace that. But a girl has to be able to experiment and try her wings. To figure out what works out for her and not. I'm just testing the waters... Everything will stay the same, despite form buttons on my Tut pages...

So, I'm moving on. The Mother in law and the Uncle has returned to their home base on US ground. It is empty and weird in the house with lots of space in the sofa and around the dining table. The weather is awful. Grey and rainy and we are all hanging out inside making rainbow bracelets, watching TV, building Lego and me - packing yarn orders and trying my best to get a new pattern together before vacation starts...

Next week we take off for a well deserved vacation in Sweden and it will be quiet around here. I will disconnect. And come back. In the end of August I believe. I might schedule a blog post or two but most of the time I won't be connected to WiFi or Cyber world to respond on questions or orders.

I have added the last row to the Shell Stitch Pillow from the book Haken & Kleur by the Dutch duo Saskia and Claire. It is gorgeous and I really enjoyed making it. The ruffles makes it stand out around all my other pillows. She is a treasure for sure.

Now I'm taking a walk to the post office to ship some yarn. You still have the chance to order some Tilda yarn before I close down store for the summer. Check out the color chart in my Yarn Shop and send me an email with your order and I will ship it this weekend.


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