Monday, September 15, 2014

Yarn & Pattern Kit

TILDA YARN: Lilac (No 561) with a Dark Lilac (No 563) edging?
TILDA YARN: Dusty Blue (No 66) pillow with Granny Blue (No 569) edging?
TILDA YARN: Chalk Pink (541) with a Granny Pink (543) edging?
My latest patterns, the Popcorn & Lace Pillow and Popcorn & Lace Square, have become very popular and I am so excited to see your creations. Please hashtag your pictures in social media with #popcornandlace so I can see it all. Thank you all for making my creative journey such a pleasure with your fabulous feed back.

If you still haven't got your hands on one of the patterns, I have prepared a full Yarn & Pattern Kit for you to make the original Popcorn & Lace Pillow. It comes with 3 balls of Tilda yarn No: 005 - Cream and 1 ball of No: 042 - Light Cerise and includes a print of the Popcorn & Lace Pillow pattern, which is also delivered as a digital file of course. It is all wrapped up in a cellophane gift bag with ribbons.

A complete Yarn & Pattern Kit comes in handy for the one who doesn't have the time to go chasing the right yarn in stores for a pattern or as a gift for someone creative who loves making their own things.

If you have another color theme in mind I can of course customize your order. What about a Lilac Yarn & Pattern Kit or a Lilac Yarn & Pattern Kit. Are you a lover of pink? Then a Pink Yarn & Pattern Kit could be for you. I ship worldwide. Yarn & Pattern Kits can be purchased in my ETSY SHOP or via email.

To view a full color chart of Tilda yarn, please visit my Yarn Shop. I am currently updating my shop page and have ALL colors in stock.


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Thursday, September 11, 2014

September rocks!

What a week! Thank you everyone for your fantastic response on my latest pattern - The Popcorn & Lace Pillow (you can purchase the pattern here). Thank you for all your sweet comments through social media. Thank you for all your encouragement and cheering on for me to continue to do what I do. Thank you for every purchase that has been made. I am overwhelmed and so so happy. Life is good when being on top of the wave!

We have made donuts with Emmy Bo's adorable little donut machine. They lasted just enough to take this picture. My favorite was the cinnamon sugar coated ones. This is something we will do over and over again as it was so simple to make the donuts and so much fun to decorate them.

The garden is green and lush, full of vegetables to harvest although the tomato plants died from too much rain... We enjoy sunny afternoons and Luca Bo is playing motocross between the cauliflower plants... He never stops to surprise me... He has a great imagination and love for play. And Emmy Bo??? She is a little bug. Always with a big grin on her face. In the way, bugging, wanting attention and playing hard on her charm to get it. And she gets it. Yes, she is the baby. I guess she will always get the attention being the youngest...

I sit down with my latest fabulous crochet book addition, a signed copy of Puur Haken (buy it here!) from dear Maaike at CreJJtion. Her first crochet book is a work of art and pure joy to read. Pictures are divine and inspiring and there are so many projects I want to make. I instantly threw myself into making rag rug inspired pot coasters... Love on high level...

I look at Charlie the cat and suddenly I feel exhausted of all the hallibalou that has been going on here lately... And even if the hallibalou have been of the wonderful kind (successful pattern release, late girly dinner party, the start of a photo course and also thumbs up for a summerhouse purchase in Sweden -YAY!) I think I need to do what Charlie does... Take naps and only chill and recover. Play with color combos of the Popcorn & Lace Squares to find just the right one for just the right Popcorn & Lace Square project... You can buy the pattern for the Popcorn & Lace Square here.

Now it is time for pasta with homemade pesto... Simple and cheerful. Quick and easy. Just what I need today.


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Monday, September 8, 2014

Popcorn & Lace Pillow Pattern

It is romance, Granny and class all together. When the idea was born I knew I wanted to make something in a solid creamy white color to add exactly that; the romance, the comfortable feel of a granny's home and some classy lady style. The combination of popcorn stitches and lace did the trick. My idea was put into action and the result did not disappoint.

The great thing with The Popcorn & Lace Pillow is that it can easily transform into something completely different depending on the choice of colors. Imagine it with multicolored squares in pinks, red to make it bold. Or bright green, lime and pink to make it eclectic. Or why not a spicy okra yellow with a dark grey border for a more modern look. Mix colors like bright blue, orange and white for a Mediterranean feel...Same same but so so different.

The front panel is made up from my Popcorn & Lace Square, a lovely crochet square pattern that works up rather quickly (can be purchased separately here). The backing is made in rows with a simple and gentle lace effect to make the most of the front panel and the contrasting color joining puts the little WOW-factor on it...

The making of this pillow needs a bit of concentration and attention without being too complicated. I would say it is for an improving beginner. If you know all the basic stitches the Step-to-step picture tutorials, charts, diagrams and detailed instructions will do the rest for you (see picture below). The Popcorn & Lace Pillow pattern is now available for purchase here:

 Buy Now!

This 6 page PDF pattern includes:

Information about yarn, hook size, measurements and more
Abbreviations in US and UK terms
Special Stitches guide
Written pattern
Step-by-step picture tutorial of the Popcorn & Lace Square
Pattern of backing including symbol chart
Instructions on How-to-join-squares including diagram
Instruction on How-to-assemble-pillow

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Saturday, September 6, 2014

He has found "his thing"

"Would you like to join the Judo class?"
"Gymnastics? You are really strong and flexible and you get to jump on trampolines and stuff?"
"We could sign you up for Tennis?
" You want to go back to Break dance school then. With Francois? Do cool moves..."
"What about Circus school? That is fun. Balancing on balls, juggling..???"
"Okay... So what type of sport would you like to do then?"
(observe the long annoyed tone....) I don't NEED any sport activity. I have already found my thing, you know??? Motocross. THAT is my passion. It is the only thing I want to do.

Ok. He has found his thing. Motocross. He loves it. He runs hard. He is good. He is fearless. He is fast. He goes with the big boys. He gets dirty. He sweats. He works every single muscle in his body. He belongs there. He feels at home. He has got friends. Everybody knows Luca Bo. It is his thing.

So why do I keep on trying to get my Luca Bo into "normal" sports? Because I am a bit of a chicken mom. I want him to be safe...

Luca Bo was special when he was born. He has always been one of a kind since day one. He is different and he is extreme. Will always be. I just hope he won't do river rafting, free jumps off buildings, get into sky diving or any other incredibly super dangerous extreme sport...

I know, I am being selfish saying that. I can't stop him. He has to live his way and I can only watch and hold on to my heart that wants to jump out of my chest when he flies over those jumps. And although he scares the hell out of me, I am very proud watching him do what he loves the most.

I remind myself how much motocross has helped with motivation and concentration in Luca Bo's school work. How it has helped him build self esteem. How he has grown as a person, taking more responsibility, growing up, becoming more independent. So, off we go to the track. I bite my nails with nerves and see the glitter in his eyes when he comes in for his break. And of course I should stop bugging him. This is his thing. It is written all over him.


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