Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Getting some perspective...

I'm going away for a while. I'm uncertain for how long. It could be one week or it could be several. I hope you will wait for me. I hope new followers don't mind. Hopefully you will explore my past and enjoy old blog posts, stories, pictures, tutorials and glimpses from my world - while waiting.

This is just temporary but very much needed. It is hard to write this post, to disconnect, but I think that feeling also shows how important it is for me to do this. For me, my children, my man, my life...
I'll be back, maybe sooner than later. I just thought it is more fair to let you know than to just go quiet.

Love to you all, enjoy your days ahead, your projects on the hook, your time with families. Make changes if you need some. Don't sit still if you need to move. Challenge yourself to grow, to face the fear and do it anyway. Live your life to its full potential. Carpe diem. I will miss you.


PS 1: And yes I am a dramatic person. I love drama, so take it all with a pinch of salt will you. I'm still crocheting, running, taking photos, enjoying my time with my peeps and my man. I'm still smiling and laughing. I just need a fresh start and sometimes the best way is to go to the moon and sit there for a while, looking down on it all, to get some perspective...

PS 2: The photo is of my darling daughter who knows perfectly how to pull off drama in its full in front of the camera lens. Love her dearly.

PS 3: My patterns will still be available in my Etsy shop, I will still read your lovely comments, I will still serve you if you bump into problems of some kind... I will just take a break from social media kind of. I thought I needed to clarify that.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A special request

There is a baby girl due in April, I was told. In the far away land "down under". She is very much longed for and she really needs a handmade patchwork blanket - says the anticipating Grandma to be.

Roses it should be. Preferable pink and blue. It looks like I have a fair amount of that sort of fabric in my stash. I'm thrilled and can't wait to get started. The thought of a newborn baby girl in Australia being all wrapped up in a cozy rosy baby blanket made by me... Isn't that an amazing request in teh first place???  I feel honored. Time to pick five or six of these lovely prints. Which ones would you pick? I think I already know which ones I want.


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Sunday, February 15, 2015

NEW PATTERN: Wilma's Cable Hat

And so it is completed. Wilma's Cable Hat pattern is finished and listed in my Etsy Shop. It matches perfectly with Wilma's Cable Scarf and just because it is such a wonderful set I have listed scarf and hat together as Wilma's Winter Set to a discounted price.

I have to say that this pattern, and Wilma's Cable Scarf,  has been the most useful ever for me. I have made so many hats, for my children and others, with and without pom poms. I have made them in bright colors and earthy naturals, in chunky yarn and less chunky. The result remains great.

I have used my Wilma Winter Set daily for the last month as winter struck hard here in Switzerland. The scarf is so lovely to wrap around my neck on my walks to school in the mornings. If you are intimidated by the cable detail in this design, don't be. I have simplified the cable stitch and made it super easy to make.

The pattern comes in UK and US terms, has picture tutorials as well as a written pattern. A Swedish version is also available. FINNS PÅ SVENSKA!

Did you already purchase Wilma's Cable Scarf and would like to buy the matching Wilma's Cable Hat pattern for a reduced price? Please contact me and I will send you a special Coupon Code to use when shopping in my Etsy Shop. Happy Crochet week everyone. May crochet magic be with you.


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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I finished a dreadful WiP...

I bright and colorful infinity scarf has been finished. I don't really want to whine and complain but his project could have been so much fun if it wasn't for the terrible yarn I choose to crochet with.

I adore the colors and I fell head of heals in love with Drops Cotton Light at my local yarn shop. Maybe it was the fact that I could see it in its flesh, squeeze it and squish it, that made me purchase the whole range of colors available right there and then, I don't know. But once at home I realized I had made a big BIG mistake... Just see this review I wrote in pure frustration back then.

It is funny because I have never experienced a struggle working with a yarn before and this truly was the first time. I thought the type of yarn didn't matter that much, that you could crochet with anything but oh my, was I wrong? As they say "You learn the hard way in life", I would like to add "And you learn the hard way in crochet too..."

This yarn, which is a soft  DK weight cotton/poly mix, 8ply worked on a 4mm/US6 hook, is NOT made for crochet. It is as simple as that. It splits, it separates, it knots up, it comes off the hook and it tangles up. It makes you growl like a bear awoken from her deep winter sleep. It makes you stomp your feet like a hare calling for his tribe with his big back feet. It makes you arrrrrrhhh, iiiiihhhh and sigh the deepest sighs. It makes you want to throw that crochet WiP you are working on across the room on a very bad day...

I put it aside, needless to say, for a while... Picked it up again, and put it away in pure frustration. And so finally, after the new year had been ringed in, I decided to finish this.

Don't misunderstand me. I love this infinity scarf of mine. And at the end I actually figured out how to work with this yarn in a nice and smooth way. But it needed perseverance, patience and a whole lot of will to make it through. Now I am contemplating with myself if I should maybe make a matching hat to complete it all. I think it will be a perfect late winter scarf and hat set. For when spring flowers peek out from the little snow left on the sides of the roads one day. That day seem far away as we speak but I know it will be there sooner than we think. And the left over scraps needs to be taken care off anyway. I mean after all yarn just can't be thrown away and especially not yummy delicious yarn like this, right?


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